24th October 2014

Using a Motorcycle Delivery Company? Is your Motorcycle Insured?

Here at Motorcycle Delivery UK we have specialised in Transporting Motorbikes for over 12 years, we have seen other motorbike transport businesses come and go. Most think it's going to be easy money, because they like motorbikes, delivering them would be both finanacially and mentally rewarding, right??

Each of our self employed drivers do over 2000 miles per week, 4am starts and late night finishes. Sleeping in their vans, Only seeing loved ones at weekends and when something goes wrong with their van, their world seems to come crashing down, They can't work, they can't earn money.

When transporting motorcycles, you need specialist insurance for transporting motorcycles (Our insurers call this "Bikes in Transit") which can be at least 5 times more expensive than regular goods in transit insurance for a good policy. A lot of couriers seem to think that CMR insurance or Goods in transit will suffice. We know through experience that 99% of goods in transit policies will NOT cover motorcycles, CMR insurance works by, if the courier you were using to transport your motorcycle was to damage your bike or have an accident, the insurers would pay out per KG of weight. If your bike was to weigh 250kg's and the insurance policy terms say it will pay out at £10 per KG of freight, then if your motorbike was damaged to the point it was a write off, the insurers would pay out at 250 x £10 = £2500.... If your motorcycle was worth £10,000, it does not take a rocket scientist to realise you would be heavily out of pocket.

Motorcycle Delivery

Each self employed driver who Transports Motorbikes, Scooters & Quads for Motorcycle Delivery UK has "Bikes in Transit" insurance up to £50,000 per load, full hire and reward insurance and public liability, minimum £2 million pounds.

Trust Motorcycle Delivery UK to Transport your Motorbike, you are safe in the knowledge that your pride and joy is fully insured and been handled by bikers that will treat your pride and joy as if it were their own.

Author:Scott Wood

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